5 Must Watch Mountaineering Movies and Documentaries.

These movies, arranged in no particular order, feature great cinematography; picturizing the beauty of white eminences, raw footage of the glaciers, rocks, extreme weather, camping on snow & on cliffs, thousands of feet above the ground. These movies will give you an opportunity to virtually experience the incredibly beautiful view from the apex of the mountains, the glimpse of beauty of our nature which is otherwise unseen and unreachable to most of us. And if you have a thing for adventure in form of trekking and expediting, these movies and documentaries  will surely inspire you to take out time from conventional urban life and take up one or the other form of adventures in the mountains.

These movies, despite almost all of them involving some tragedy, the beauty picturized will surely inspire you to learn climbing, packing your rucksack and venturing into your induced desire to climb your first or yet another mountain in search of beauty hidden among these mountains and experience the world from thousands of meters above the earth and stars that much closer to the sky!

The movies are:

1. Touching The Void (2003)touching-the-void

Touching the void is a documentary cum survival movie based on a book that goes by the same name. The movie picturizes Simon Yates and Joe Simpson’s successful yet near fatal and disastrous expedition up the previously unclimbed West Face of Siula Grande a 6,344m peak in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.

The movie will surely inspire one to never give up on any situation and taking difficult decisions for one’s survival.

2. Meru (2015)Meru.jpg

The movie revolves around two attempts by elite mountaineers Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk to conquer a lethal, jagged and near vertical 20,000 ft. portion of Mount Meru famously called as Shark Fin. First attempt in 2008 being a failure due to massive snow storm, later in September 2011, Anker convinces his two lifelong friends to undertake the Shark’s Fin once more, under even more extraordinary circumstances than the first time around to become the first in the World to successfully conquer the Shark’s Fin.

Meru is the story of that journey—one of friendship, sacrifice, hope and obsession.

3. The Summit (2012)summit

The Summit is a documentary recreating one of the mountaineering world’s worst catastrophe on Mount K2. Considered even more difficult to conquer than Mt. Everest, K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, standing 8,611 meters high. The Summit recreates the day when out of 22 climbers successfully reaching the summit of K2 in 2008, only 11 were able to survive the descent. This film explores the death of these brave climbers and brings in the events from different climber’s point of view.

Despite the tragedy, the beauty of the mountains captured through this film and a scene where K2 casts its shadow into the horizon, will surely inspire you to take up mountaineering to be able to reward yourself with such a view from up above.

4. Everest (2015)everest

Everest is a feature film based on true events from 1996, when in the morning of May 10, climbers from two commercial expeditions start their final ascent toward the summit of Mount Everest and a violent storm strikes the mountain, engulfing the adventurers in one of the fiercest blizzards ever and resulting in death of 8 climbers. Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal play Rob Hall and Scott Fischer respectively, the rival organisers of the commercial climbing ventures.

The action scenes in the film are very well executed with a number of vertiginous shots and heart-in-mouth moments, that will surely leave you awestruck.

5. North Face (2008)NORTH_FACE_27X40.indd

Based on the true story, North Face is a German mountaineering film about the competition to climb the north face of the Eiger, one of the most dangerous rock faces in the Alps, back in 1936. While fictionalised for the screen, it is still based on true events and makes for gripping viewing.

I hope you will get inspired by the movies in this list. Wanna read what all stuffs and gears you would wanna pack on a solo winter trek? Read it here.

Featured Image by Michael Stanton


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